2010 Winner

Over a million welders worldwide use the 3M™ Speedglas™ 9000 Series and 9100 Series welding helmets. The brand is a market leader owned by the 3M and was developed by a team led by Dr Jörgen Eklund. The innovative helmet protects workers against the dangers of welding arcs as well as the insidious effects of carbon dioxide poisoning.

The integration of ergonomics in the product development of Speedglas 9000 and 9100 welding visors was brought about by a network, organised by the Speedglas development team. It includes more than 15 years of sustainable collaboration between the manufacturer, ergonomists, designers, researchers and others, in which ergonomics aspects have been given high priority. The development started in 1994 when the manufacturer of Speedglas welding visors decided to develop a new generation of ergonomically leading welding visors. The aim was to position the product as market leader through better value to their customers. The company developed a high-tech product, giving ergonomic advantages for the welders as well as their employers in terms of improved working environment, safety, usability, productivity and quality.

Ergonomics expertise

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