2015 Winner

The new Rolls-Royce Unified Bridge is a revolution in the conservative maritime domain and offers the operator a total package in good human factors from the physical aspects of consoles, levers and chairs, to the cognitive aspects of well-designed and consistent software application interfaces.

Rolls-Royce Marine AS tests new automation and control solutions by focusing on the end-user of the automation system, the operator. By highlighting the influence of human factors in accidents (which are more likely to occur in high risk and complicated operations), it emphasises the impact of good human factors and usability from the beginning of a design to the finished vessel. Dynamic testing in a real-life environment is vital. We analysed the data to identify safety critical focal points during offshore operations. With this knowledge we can redesign the vessel’s bridge environment to better support users during standard work procedures and when reaching critical points of operation.

Ergonomics expertise

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