2015 Shortlisted Entry

This project covers the design of the interior of an intercity express train. Intercity trains act as living spaces for their passengers and must be accessible to the widest proportion of the population as possible.

The design has to consider the needs of both commuters and recreational users, those travelling alone, wishing to use the journey time to catch up on work, as well as families with small children. Users may have a range of mobility requirements; they may be in a wheelchair, have limited mobility, dexterity, or any number of sensory impairments. From a staff perspective, the train has to be a safe, comfortable and pleasant place to work for both the train crew and the drivers. There also needs to be the flexibility to operate the train in a number of ways to account for changing working practices. The design project is now complete and the first production train has just arrived in the UK for formal testing. The trains are planned to go into service in 2017 (a total of 122 new trains for the UK’s East Coast and Great Western Main lines), increasing capacity and reducing journey times.

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