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Entry to the Ergonomics Design Award is open to any individual, team or group of ergonomists, designers or engineers who can demonstrate the application of ergonomics to the highest standard in design. Your submission must be in use or commissioned for use within the last two years and must show substantive ergonomics design input.

You can submit your entry under one of the four following categories:

  • Transport
  • Built Environment
  • Products and devices
  • IT related

Important dates

Entry for 2016 is now closed.

  • March 2016: competition opens
  • 30 June 2016: entry deadline
  • 15 July 2016: shortlist decided and entrants informed.
  • September 2016: judging and award presentation day


There is a charge of £150 +VAT for each submission. Once you have completed your entry form and uploaded your supporting documents, you will be taken to Paypal where you can pay by Paypal or by credit or debit card (without a Paypal account).

Preparing your entry

You entry needs to include:
1. A completed entry form.
2. A supporting document of no more than 30 pages. It should be laid out clearly and concisely and have numbered pages. Its overall aim is to detail exactly how you applied ergonomics to your design. It should include:
a) An introduction. Give an overview of the market, and explain where your design fits in. What problem does it solve? How was it solved in the past? What is your product replacing or improving? Include details of the initial idea and research.
b) Your methodology. Include descriptions of the ergonomics input, tools and processes adopted throughout the design development, for example task analysis, participatory design, concept testing, use of personas, focus groups, testing of mock-ups and protoypes. You should include details of any user involvement.
c) Your final design. Say why your design stands out from your competitors. Include images and an exploration of how the design meets user requirements. State when the design first went into use or was commissioned. Include feedback from users on the positive benefits derived from the ergonomics input and demonstrate that your design offers safety, comfort or other benefits to the user.
3. Photos or diagrams of your design. The only file types that can be accepted are doc, docx sand pdf. Separate image files cannot be uploaded.
4. Publicity material, instructions or sample sale brochures.

Judging process

Your entry will be judged by a panel of experts, who will create a shortlist dependent upon the number and quality of entries. They will look for innovative ideas, clarity and completeness of the entry form and document submitted, and of course, evidence of the application of ergonomics to the design.

If your design is shortlisted you may be asked to supply further information to the panel. The judging panel will meet in September in London to discuss each of the shortlisted entries in turn. This will include a thorough examination of any sample or video supplied. They will have already seen the document submitted with your initial entry and this will be reviewed. They will then select a category winner based on their opinion of how well the design fits the criteria and demonstrates excellence in ergonomics application. Finally the judges will decide on an overall winner.

Award presentation

The award presentation will be made on the judging day in September in London. The winner will receive:

  • A glass trophy, presented by one of the judges.
  • Publicity on this website, in the CIEHF membership magazine, The Ergonomist, and in relevant public media.
  • A special Ergonomics Design Award Winner logo for use on their own media publicising their winning design.
  • Free Associate Membership of the CIEHF until the end of the year (if the winner, or one person who is put forward to be the representative of the winning team, is not already a member).

Rules, T&Cs

  • Entries need to be for transport use, built environments, products, devices, equipment or IT that is currently in use in the commercial market and are not student projects. Craft products are excluded.
  • An entry for the award will not be accepted without payment of the entry fee at the time of submission. No refunds will be given.
  • Submissions must be accurate and not contain misleading information. If this is found to be the case, the entry will be disqualified. If this information comes to light after the award ceremony, the CIEHF will remove details of the entry from all its publicity outlets.
  • If an entrant or a submitted design has, in any way, a connection with a member of the judging panel, this must be disclosed at the time of submission so that the individual concerned is not involved in the judging process for that particular entry. If this comes to light at a later stage, the entry may be disqualified.
  • Once an entry has been submitted, even if this is before the submission deadline, no further information can be accepted as part of that entry.
  • Entrants whose design has been shortlisted may be asked to send an example of the design to accompany their submission. Entrants must pay for any cost of transporting the example to the judging/award venue and the cost of its return carriage.
  • Whilst every care will be taken with a design example sent by an entrant, the CIEHF cannot be held liable for any loss or damage.
  • Entrants whose design has been shortlisted will be invited to the judging/award day but will be liable to pay their own travel expenses to and from the venue.
  • If an entry is shortlisted or wins the award, the CIEHF has the right to publicise this fact and information about the entry on its website and in any other publicity material.
  • If any of the submitted material contains confidential information, this must be clearly marked, so that the CIEHF knows that this information cannot be used in any ensuing publicity. Entrants must have obtained permission from their client, if necessary, before submitting their entry.
  • The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. However, after the award presentation entrants may apply for feedback in order to help inform their future designs.
  • By applying for this award, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Make sure you take into account all these details for the best chance of success.

Good luck!

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